2 Feb 2016

Does it matter?

Bad guy, turning to the title character in the Ironside reboot, and asked: “You really a cripple?”

At which point, the actor Blair Underwood responds from his wheelchair: “You tell me.”

Coincidentally, the actor is able bodied. Look, there are many arguments and counterarguments about who should be portraying disabled characters, and the like. Just check one here. Personally, it doesn’t really matter. When you get down to it, the person best suitable for the role ought to be cast.

Case in point, the rebooted Ironside. The character was a paraplegic, and the show has scenes where the guy is recalling past events when he still walked. For that, you need an actor who was able bodied.

Pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree? Look, I write fiction. okay, maybe it’s more accurate that I try writing fiction. Nonetheless, it’s all about the story.

1 Feb 2016

Enough with the revisions already . . .

mock cover for work-in-progress
Have you ever reached a moment where your creative muse just tells you
"Stop! Hammer time!" 
. . . No? . . .

Okay, mine recently told me . . .
"Stop! Enough already with the constant revising, okay?"
Yeah, mine did that. Rightly so too, I have been working on the story for the better part of a year in one form or another, most of which involved trying to come up with a setting for it. Well, the final version of what I'm hoping to be a series of stories featuring Carl Nicole and his fellow Interpol Intelligence Teammates.

Now onto the second story . . .

27 Jan 2016

To Rework A Story

An old mock cover for my current work-in-progress
Remember how I posted the other day that writing is no longer just a solo affair? Yeah, that blog post right here. See it . . .

Today was such a day, where I spent a good hour with my editor just going over the manuscript after they had read it. To say that it was an interesting experience was an understatement, but neither am I upset nor regret the fact that the editor had completely ripped the manuscript apart. In anything, I am thrilled. For one, there were some good points to the work-in-progress.

The first being that my secondary characters Sia and Papa, siblings to one another and childhood friends to the main character, are likable. Yay to that, right? The thing is, it still had some big plot holes but are easily fixed.

So really, the story is living up to its proposed series name and story title . . . seen to your right . . . Not that I'm complaining, as it means that story will be better when it will be ready to be seen.

24 Jan 2016

Writing is not a loner's activity

Well, maybe in part it is.

The actual creating and writing up the first couple of drafts is a lonesome activity, that much is certain. Afterwards however, not so much. Between interacting with editors like myself, where I have obtained the services of a very good one indeed (check her out here), and beta readers and then deciding if I want a story to be independently published or submitted . . .

Yeap, you cannot do this alone.

19 Jan 2016

Just some random words

So today's post has nothing to do with writing.

Why? The short answer is "Why not", but it's largely because three works are already in the hands of my editor, and a fourth is looked at by a story doctor. Still, I am happy with the first of the three in the editor's hand, so that ought to be something at least. I have promised myself that 2016 is the year I'm going to write better, stronger and longer narratives (it was recommended that if I would like to be represented by an agent, I need to write a novel that was not less than 80,000 words).

The reworked Enemy Within is almost there, at 31,000 words at last count. The other two may need a little more work, but am getting there . . . it's that both have reached that point that getting a second pair of eyes are crucial to their development.

In the interim? Who knows, a paid job be nice.

1 Jan 2016

New year, here we go . . .

The new year is only a half day old, at least here in little old New Zealand. In that time I had slept in, as one does on a holiday, and then finally get up and look things over that needed doing before I sit down and start on something writing related. As I did, I realized that in the large scheme of things I have produced very little in anything related to writing to begin with in 2015, at least nothing on Amazon or Smashwords (The last was Cover Up, which was put up on Amazon back in December of 2014).

I also know that I've been promising a new story, but it it has yet to eventuate. It will. Soon. The good news is that it is halfway through being edited.

As for everything else? Well, am back on the job market, so that means more time working on a new writing project while job hunting and/or creating an employment opportunity for myself (if it means becoming a full-time writer due to my stories making some money, that be nice).

How about you?

6 Dec 2015

Perfecting an art form

So the last couple of days I have been working on a novelette, something that I wrote around six years prior. As I edit and rewrite segments, I am amazed how much I have grown as a writer. Yes, I may have stalled with my projects but the fact remained that I endeavoured to at least write something . . . even if that something never saw the light of day. The good news is that my writing has matured and it will continue to do so with each new story.

Better still, it has given me the necessary confidence to at least try editing my stuff, and that counts for something.