Sunday, November 1, 2015

A story of a bygone era

There are moments where a writer does a story to such perfection that you end up in the character's shoes, and Richard Herman is that for me. I first picked up Warbirds when when I was a teen and had read every book he had written since, or so I thought I did. The Trash Haulers is new.

Captain Mark Warren and his crew are trash haulers, airlifting supplies and personnel on their C-130 Hercules, the workhorse of tactical airlift. 
Flying a Huey, the helicopter that symbolizes mobile warfare in Vietnam, Wilson Tanner is a Dust Off pilot who risks all to rescue the wounded. 
At Se Pang, Colonel Tran Sang Quan comes into conflict with inept superiors as they initiate the People’s Army of Vietnam’s long-planned General Offensive and Uprising. 
This is the beginning of the Tet Offensive. 
Both sides face more than the enemy as superior officers manoeuver for political advantage, and where cowardice, prejudice and treachery infiltrate the ranks – on both sides. In the air and on the land, raw courage, tenacity, and honor are the marks of humanity that deal with the wreckage of war. 
The above is from Amazon, which you can find it here. While the characters almost appear one-dimensional throughout, the point of the story is to give the reader a glimpse into the lives of the men and women who had done their part during Vietnam. Nowhere in the story did Richard Herman glorify war, and how can you when you are using a premise of lifting wounded out of a war zone? Look, it's not as character driven as his earlier works, but it was a story told to perfection.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Whatever happened With Prejudice?

A while ago, I thought it be a brilliant idea to write a story and post it here for you all to see. That story was With Prejudice, which you can link here. There are essentially just over a thousand words written in two blog posts. My initial idea was to show each chapter until completion. Unfortunately, life and my creativity had other ideas.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Found a free online book maker

So I've been doodling a little, after having found Canva while surfing the net one night while editing away on the novella that may or may not be called Enemy Within. It may be just as equally be known as Designated Target, but it'll depend on the final version of course and input from my editor in November.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

From two to three

I followa very simple logic where my writing is concerned, if it strikes me as a fun thing that just grabs my attention from beginning to end (regardless how many revisions I make) I run with it. If it doesn't grab my imagination after 5,000 words than I call it quits.

Thus far, Enemy Within and Ghost of Missions Past are keeping me focused. Then again, so is a previous story featuring my main character and corporate ran refugee centres. More on that later . . .

Monday, August 24, 2015

A progress on my progress

Remember this post? Yeah . . . about that, life kind of took over. Don't get me wrong, both Enemy Within and Ghost of Missions Past exist in some form or another, the former more than the later. It's the editing that has bogged things down, along with life events like getting engaged, work and so forth.

The thing is, the story was to be . . . and still is meant to be . . . the pilot and starter to a series and/or a serial, so it's all about ensuring that there is a hook to interest the reader, a solid universe and well rounded characters that weren't cardboard cutouts. As I like to say, watch this space and be patient with me. I am writing.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why I train

Fitness is important, I said that much in my previous post. Without my training regime I probably wouldn't be the man I am today. The thing is, I never really explained why I go out of my way to improve on my level of fitness. Hopefully this entry will shed some light on to the why and so forth.


I do training so that ultimately I could do that what you just saw on the video.

You see, my disability is static; meaning that it doesn't get worse over time, it just stays the same. What the doctors don't say is that if you don't use something overtime, you lose the ability.

Progress of a sort

Admittedly I have been slack in the blogging department, but that's the price of working full time, writing and carry on with life. The end result is that something had to give, and that something was blogging. Besides, I really didn't have much to report. Enemy Within has been edited to death, fixed and reworked accordingly. All going well, it will be up soon. Then there is Ghost of Missions Past, which is in the editor's capable hands, and very soon she will have another story to look at that features Special Agent Carl Nicole of the United Nations Police Division.